3rd Grade Measurement and Data Lesson
Lesson: Signs - Let's Compare!

Anticipatory Set
Have you ever wondered how you could keep track of something that you're counting? Sure you could write it down, but shouldn't there be any easier way to put all of this information together? Also, shouldn't we have a way that we can compare this information?
-Have students brainstorm ideas and lead them to coming up with a graph, specifically a picture graph and bar graph.

I can draw a picture graph and bar graph to represent data in several different categories.
I can solve comparing problems using my graphs.

3.MD.B.3 Draw a scaled picture graph and a scaled bar graph to represent a data set with several categories. Solve one- and two-step “how many more” and “how many less” problems using information presented in scaled bar graphs. For example, draw a bar graph in which each square in the bar graph might represent 5 pets.

Task Analysis
1. Students will be given these scenarios:
      a. Ali was riding in the backseat of her mother's car on their way to the grocery store. Ali wanted to keep track of how many different colored signs that she saw. This is what she recorded:
green, red, green, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, red, green, red, green, yellow, yellow, green, green, red, yellow, green, green, red.
Make a picture graph of what signs Ali saw.
      b. Josh, Ali's brother, saw what she was making and decided he wanted to do the same thing on their way to school the next morning. This is what he recored:
yellow, yellow, yellow, red, yellow, yellow, green, green, green, yellow, red, green, red, red, red, yellow, yellow, yellow, green, green.
Make a bar graph of what signs Josh saw.
     c. On Josh and Ali's vacation they decided to see how many signs they could find and compare it to what graphs they already had. On their vacation they saw 55 yellow, 30 green, and 20 red signs. 
Make a picture graph & a bar graph of what signs they saw (HINT: use a scale to make your graph easier!) 
     d. What makes a picture graph better than a bar graph? Or, do you have an argument why a bar graph is better?
     e. How many more yellow signs did Josh see on his short trip than Ali saw on her short trip? If you add the yellow signs that Josh and Ali found on their short trips, how much less is that than the number of yellow signs they saw on their vacation?
     f. How many red signs did Ali see on her short trip? How many red signs did Josh see on his short trip? Who had fewer? How many fewer?

Hand outs

Thinking Levels
Bloom's Taxonomy
  Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis
Multiple Intelligences
   Linguistic, Logical / Mathematical, Spatial, Intrapersonal
Have the students take home a worksheet or letter explaining that they should find something that they would like to make a graph about. They should bring the graph back with comparing questions that they would be able to ask their friends about their graph. Students will then be paired up and be able to look at the different graphs and answer the different comparing questions.